J.C.: At last, an osteopathic encyclopedia on Evidence Based Practice.

M.L.: Great books; unfortunately not downloadable.

P.K.: I like the treatment strategies!

P.M.: Videos are clear; they helped me to improve my skills.

C.M.: I think knowledge is priceless, and the fact that he wrote and shared his experience in a book is a great thing, and we should be celebrating that, shouldn't we?

C.F.: I fully agree and especially when you say "therapists can't find the cause". In other words, unspecific is synonymous of therapists who cannot find the cause.

M.S.K.: Good job👍🏻👍🏻also great to hear you teaching voice again😄good memories only😃

T.V.B.: Great offer for evidence-oriented osteopaths from my teacher who made me sweat (and sometimes panic 🙃) the most during my exams. Thank you Luc!