The nature of cervical pain Osteopathybooks

The nature of cervical pain

  • Sharp pain on specific movements can come from muscle strain, spasm, damage or inflammation.
  • Sharp pain while coughing increases the compression and is often caused by inflamed structures.
  • Aching pain often comes from a ligament or capsule, especially when occurring in the morning with morning stiffness. Also, when it occurs after a longer period of immobilization (sitting or standing).
  • Radiating pain means that there is a neurogenic factor (radicular or pseudo radicular).
  • Numbness or muscle weakness is also neurogenic and indicates severe radicular inflammation, with or without hernia compressing the nerve root.
  • Vague, sometimes radiating pain in the arms during exercise can indicate ischemic neuralgia.
  • Fatigue can be caused by bad posture, cervical muscular balance or ischemia.
  • Nocturnal pain could indicate cancer.

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