Osteopathy: Spirit of Inquiry and Questions to Ask

Spirit of Inquiry and Questions to Ask

Spirit of inquiry is a persistent sense of curiosity that informs both learning and practice.
A spirit of inquiry suggests, to some degree, a childlike sense of wonder.
Asking questions is the basis for EBP.

Question examples:

1. Is the craniosacral rhythm a proven system that can be assessed and treated in the benefit of patients' health or is it wellness or fake treatment? 

2. Is listening of organs really scientifically researched and is it therefore worth wile using it on patients or is it sham?

3. Do I follow Evidence Based Practice as an osteopath or do I just follow my feelings in treatments?

4. Do I really believe that kinesiology (Kinesiology is a form of therapy that uses muscle monitoring (biofeedback) to look at imbalances that may be causing disease in the body) is a objective way of assessing patients or is it sham?


Thinking about this type of questions and researching for scientific answers makes us better and more reliable respected osteopaths.

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