Hereby some critical thinking on the poor recognition of osteopathy in many countries and amongst established health care workers (critical thinking is a reflective and analytical style of thinking. It is based on logic and rational).

We must ask ourselves questions such as: why it this so? How good is the evidence? Is it verifiable? Is this a good argument?

Why is osteopathy in many countries not a recognized medical/paramedical discipline despite all possible well-intentioned efforts of many professional organizations?

The reason according to me lies in 4 fields:

1. Some osteopaths stubbornly cling to theories that have long been shown to be false. The cranial rhythm, listening to organs and laying on of hands of all sorts, “strong arm” tests (applied kinesiology as it is called) are examples. Fact is that there is a category of patients that appreciates this type of “therapy” or wellness. Critical thinking is in many osteopaths not intuitive and there is not always a scientifically based lifelong learning intention.

2. Osteopaths seldom measure like other health care professions do. Improvement of patient’s’ health are seen as positive when the patient says to be better and objectivation is seldom used. There are however easy methods of measuring: pain scales, questionnaires, blood pressure, oxygen measurements, pulse, … With measuring, we could improve our trustworthiness.

3. Schools and numerous courses that promote these theories and that don’t stimulate their students to be critical in their thinking often rely on some “iconic” teachers, promoting esotericism.

4. Research that is often done in an amateurish way, although some good research exists. The professional research isn’t always found or followed.

This is of course my opinion so let’s start the discussion on this hot topic.

Your opinion is important!

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