Hypoxemia and osteopathy

Symptoms of Hypoxemia

• Pale skin, blue lips.
• Shortness of breath, even while resting.
• Severe shortness of breath after physical activity.
• Decreased tolerance to physical activity.
• Waking up out of breath.
• Feelings of choking.
• Wheezing.
• Frequent coughing.
• Bluish discoloration of the skin.
• Tachycardia.
• The use of accessory muscles in breathing and noisy breathing.
• Pursed lips.
• Speaking in short sentences.
• Restlessness (early sign).
• Anxiety.
• Change in mental status (late sign).
• Patients position: sitting and leaning over.
• Hypotension.
• Oxygen level lower than 92%.

How to treat it: CLICK HERE

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