Osteopathy; golfers' stroke

Golfers Stroke: Vertebral artery dissection presented as golf-related stroke

As more people golf, golf-related injuries have become more prevalent, even in amateur golfers.

Golf-related injuries are caused by either overuse or mechanical trauma, with most neurologic injuries being confined to the vertebral column.

Several case series of cervicocranial artery dissection associated with golf playing have been reported recently and referred to as ‘golfer’s stroke’ mostly due to poor warming-up.

This typical lesion stretches the arterial wall on the right side.

Such injury can cause dissection or separation of the intimal layer of the artery from the medial layer of the artery (forming an aneurysm-like hematoma that might occlude the artery) or the formation of an intimal blood clot that may break loose days or weeks later to block blood flow to the posterior portion of the brain.

Let’s be careful with manipulations of the cervical spine in golfers!

Osteopathy: golfers' stroke

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