General osteopathic treatment

General osteopathic treatment

Treatment is not the same as the application of techniques.

Techniques are only tools to reach goals.

Therefore, it is first of all of the outmost importance to set goals for the treatment in the patients’ behalf.

These goals depend on the findings and the most important finding is the structure that causes the complaint and/or pain.

The condition of that complaint structure must be optimized in all possible aspects as there are mechanical, vascular, neurological and metabolic.
When the conditions of the complaint structure(s) is/are optimized there is much more chance to heal.

Beside the named conditions, osteopaths also consider the social and psycho-emotional aspects in relation to gender, race, culture and religion.

It is clear that there are more stress elements to consider such as:
• Psycho-emotional.
• Environmental (F.E. asthma in the city or on the countryside).
• Genetical (F.E. Bechterew disease).
• Radiation (F.E. living under a high-voltage cable).
• …
These possible stress elements can also influence the health and the healing process.

Although an osteopathic treatment can’t deal with all of these possible stress elements, the osteopath is aware of these possibilities and can refer appropriately.

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Okay, this article tried to make us realize osteopathic care should be personalized according to our personal background to ensure maximum effects. If so, I should quickly ask my uncle to seek treatment at a healthcare facility. He’s been dealing with a lot of back and muscle pain for quite some time now.

Sam Andrews

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