Did you know this about the skin? Osteopathybooks

Did you know this about the skin?

Be the best osteopath in your region and learn more about oxygen supply to all body tissues; it is essential in an osteopathic treatment.

The skin takes up oxygen in two ways:

  • Atmospheric oxygen: the skin (epidermis) together with the lungs are the only organs that are in contact with the air. The upper skin layers to a depth of 0.25 - 0.40 mm are almost exclusively supplied by external oxygen, whereas the oxygen transport of the blood has a minor influence. As a consequence, a malfunction in capillary oxygen transport cannot be the initiator of the development of superficial skin defects.
  • By the blood: the dermis exhibits a vasculature that is arranged in two tiers that are parallel to the skin surface. The superficial plexus between the papillary and the upper reticular dermis deep plexus in the lower reticular dermis are connected by perpendicularly orientated communicating vessels.


 Vascularization and oxygen supply in osteopathy

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