Cervical complaints can be related to lung dysfunctions through the autonomic nervous system

Autonomic regulation of the lungs

There is as well sympathetic as parasympathetic innervation of the lungs.


  • Parasympathetic: zone is the region OAA (vagus nerve).
  • Sympathetic: the segment T1 – T5.

Functions = regulation of the smooth muscles in the lungs.

  • Sympathetic:
    • Relaxes the smooth musculature in the lungs.
    • Decreases the secretions.
    • Widens the bronchi.
    • The respiratory resistance decreases.
  • Parasympathetic:
    • Contracts the smooth muscles of the lungs.
    • Increases the secretions.
    • Narrows the bronchi.
    • The respiratory resistance increases.

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